GTS Tunisia has developed a set of training programs to continuously improve the quality of service delivered to our customers and grow our employees within the company, in . each business and region where we operate

We focus our efforts on two training programs. START and Managers for Tomorrow

GTS START program - training for careers maritime operations (shipping and transit):

GTS Tunisia has developed an internal training program to train our employees to business of maritime operations and transit. START, the program aims to enhance the skills of our teams to constantly improve the quality of service

We provide practical training in.

  • Marine Transportation, road and air.
  • Transit and customs.
  • Import and export.
  • etc ...

GTS program "Managers for Tomorrow"

"Managers for Tomorrow" is an internal program GTS Tunisia Plan of Talents organized in spring of each year since 2015. It is aimed at potential managers who, in time, could be called to occupy leading positions in various businesses and countries in which we operate.
Its objective is to provide participants with a better understanding of their role as manager, develop leadership, but also enable them to better understand the challenges of our organization and the quality of service.
You just passed your degree? It is then time for you to put your knowledge into practice. Face new exciting challenges through a transport and logistics internship in a dynamic company. Through targeted initiation and individual training, we facilitate your start in the function and offer development prospects.

To participate in the training sessions you can contact Mr RAMZI

When your integration, we will provide customized training, action-oriented and will allow you to quickly contribute to the company's success and development of your skills.